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I have tried several drafts of this, and no matter what I say or how I say it, it sounds like I am bragging - ok, I admit it - I'm bragging. Something happened this weekend I did not expect to ever happen, but I am actually very proud of.
My apprentice, Lady Anne, was autocrat of the shire of Rivenvale's Saxon Summer event this weekend, so a few of us planned on going up to support her, even though it was about 5 hours drive, and would require staying overnight for two nights. Unfortunately, Friday one of our cats got sick, so my wife, Folly, had to stay home to take him to the vet and generally take care of him. (The cat is fine, now, but will require a special diet for a while.) This left only my protege, Lady Fiadnata, her husband Master Phillip, and myself to go. They picked me up at my work Friday night, which saved me having to drive home only to turn around and drive back past my office on the way to Rivenvale. (My office window looks out over the interstate we had to travel on to get there.) We got to Youngstown about midnight Friday night, and checked into a motel about 5 miles from the site.
Saturday morning we got to the site. I had brought both heavy and rapier armor, as well as the material for the class I had offered to teach on gaming. Unfortunately, the rapier marshal had to back out Thursday, so there was no rapier activity's at the event as there wasn't a warranted marshal. I don't know how many other people had even brought rapier gear, but it wasn't very many. The heavy marshal was there, so I spent the day, when I wasn't teaching, fighting heavy. In the first pick-up fighting before the heavy tournament started, the hand strap on my shield broke - the rivet head broke in two and the washer went flying, so I was left without a usable shield for the day. I really can't complain too much however as, using greatsword, I managed to win the tournament!
This means I have won SCA heavy fighting tournaments in 5 decades - the 1970's, 80', 90's, 00's, and 10's. I'm willing to brag about that fact, I guess - I've got the aches and pains to pay for the right to brag. And thank you, Fiadnata, for bringing a large bottle of ibuprofen to the event, and being willing to share it with me. :-)


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My first post in nearly two years, and it's once more full of bad news. I am getting very sick of people dear to me dying. I heard tonight that Huette, Master Hroar's wife has been taken of life support and has passed from cancer. Tom Scheidt died of injuries from a fall earlier this month. He was half of Fannigan's Isle, and the bag-pipper who piped Folly in at our wedding. A friend for 20+ years, gone with no warning. Worst of all may be Mariasa (Sue Ashgrove), my protegee in the SCA. She died, for reasons that they still don't know, alone in her house while I was at Pennsic. She had not been feeling well Monday August 8th, and had taken a sick day from work, which for her was very rare. She did not go to work or call in Tuesday, virtually un-heard of, so her work, when they couldn't reach her by phone, called the police. The police found her dead in the house of "natural causes". I got the word Wednesday that Shamira was trying to reach me at Pennsic, and played telephone tag with her through-out the day, finally connecting just at the end of Baronial Court that evening. To say it put a damper on the baronial pot-luck is puttong it mildly. On top of this, at least 4 of my co-workers have lost parents in the last few months, including two in the same week. Only 6 people are on my aisle at work, and 3 of them have had deaths in the family this year. The other news was that not one but two of our cats died . Cody had been sick, so it wasn't a major surprise he died just before Pennsic, but Puck went down fast and died while I was there. Folly was not over loosing Pippin, our Aussie shepard, earlier this year, and took the cats dying especially hard. In addition, early this year my older brother's wife, Jane, had surgery to remove a massive tumor from inside her skull, that has left her unable to drive and partially deaf. It was in the covering of the brain, not the brain itself, so could have been much worse, but still...! Fiadnata shattered her heal bone memorial day weekend, at Kingdom A&S, and is only now starting to walk again with a walker and/or crutches, with a plate and 8 surgical screws holding her foot together. She still can't drive, so since she was allowed to return to work - in July - I have been picking her up in the morning and driving her to Wright-Patterson AFB where she works. Phil picks her up in the evening to get her home. It adds about 45 minutes to my commute, that already was over an hour each way, but it's pleasent to get to see her every day, and this past week she hasn't been needng the wheel-chair, so I haven't had to host it in and out of the chair anymore. In the way of good news, Folly's health has improved quite a bit - she is able to walk much more than before, and rarely need the wheelchair to get around. We got a rescue Bengal cat, the day he was to be put down, and were fostering him for a while. Folly has fallen in love with him, and I enjoy him as well, so for her birthday I agreed that we would adopt him. Folly has been in much better mood since then, so I think it was the right choice. Pennsic itself was a mix of good and bad - I was in charge of the gaming tent, since the guy who normally does it couldn't be there this year. We opened earlier than ever before, and were very busy the first week, which was very good. It slackened off somewhat second week, even though there are far more people at Pennsic second week. Of course, there is a lot more going on second week, so people didn't have as much time for games. I was also the co-ordinator for the wood-working day on Artisan's row, that somehow, after Master Avery got involved became 3 days - 2 first week, and the one I had scheduled Wednesday of war week (No war point battles that day). I had been afraid because shortly before Pennsic only one other person had committed to being there definitely, although many had said they might be there if they could. We had more wood-workers than we had space for - we could have filled all 3 tents each day. I learned a lot, and got to know wood-working Laurels from at least 4 kingdoms. Harvest Days was a Tournament of Chivalry, and I authorized in two new rapier styles - parry (both rigid and soft) and case (two sword). I was given a kumihimo cord that Mariasa had made, and dedicated the day to her memory. Mariasa was also very much in memory of everyone at the GryphonShawl sheep-to-shawl demo at the annual Wool Gathering demo the week after Harvest Days. She had been a mainstay of the demo, which is the largest in terms of people seeing us of any the Barony does each year. Something over 15,000 people say us this year, and it seems like I talked to at least half of them. I spent a lot of the time there making diz'es from oyster shells, which considering I didn't know what a diz was until the night before the demo started was ...odd. Not sure how many I made, but most of the ones I made I gave away to people attendig the demo. One person I gave one to actually liked it better than the hard-wood diz they had bought from one of the vendors there. They liked it enough, in fact, to look me up the second day and tell me so, which I thought was nice. This post is rambling and incoherent enough already, so I will stop now and post it. Hopefully, it will be less than 21 months till my next post, and hopefully it will be more cheerful altogether.
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I found out tonight that one of the true heros of the SCA – someone I have looked up to and who inspired me to be my best – is dying. Mistress Rannveigr was diagnosed with breast cancer on December 27th – stage 4 – and has been sent home from the hospital to hospice care. The word is that she has probably 3 weeks to live.

It's been a while since I have seen her – she stopped coming to Pennsic a few years ago, and generally was much less active at chirurgeon's point at Pennsic since Pennsic started having full time EMS coverage. The shift to having a Pennslyvania licensed and staffed ambulance on site 24 hours a day was required by mundane law once Pennsic hit the 10,000 person attendance limit. If it had kept her active in the chirurgeonate, it would have been well worth it to cap Pennsic attendace at 9500 people. Having her around was better than everything the best efforts of the addition 4000 people who would have been kept out by the attendance cap. In her day, she easily did the work of any other 5000 people at Pennsic.

She figures very prominently in my memories of some of the worst times I every experienced in the SCA. One that keeps coming back to me is the 2 year old who had gotten into the wrong tent, and taken some of that tent's owner's cardiac medication. I was the responding chirurgeon, with a very sick kid and a mom having hysterics, and I was totally in over my head at that point. I was a basic first aider – I hadn't been to EMT class, much less become a paramedic yet. I still remember the feeling of relief when I saw Rannveiger arrive in a security gulf cart, and the knowledge that it would be all right – she was there. I realized tonight, as I told the story to a friend, that the 2 year old may well be out of college by now.

Twenty years ago, I arrived at Chirurgeon's Point at Pennsic with my baldric with it's nice, new gold stripes on it. Rannveigr's comment to me, as she flicked the baldric straight, that “it's about time”, was possibly the greatest complement I have ever received in the SCA, as it meant she considered me worthy.

I cannot forget her calm, quiet manner as she reminded the treating chirurgeons to be careful about blood contact, and to double glove and use full precautions, as the patient they were treating showed symptoms of AIDS. Her quiet reassurance preserved the patients dignity and the safety of the chirurgeons.

At Pennsic 16, when the woods battle had to be canceled because of the bees, and various people were storming about raising all kinds of hell about it, she was the very exemplar of the chivalric virtues, in supporting the Earl Marshal who made the ultimate call to cancel the battle midway through. This despite her having to treat two cases of anaphylactic shock in the woods, using up her entire stock of epinephrine and IV Benadryl in the process. Both patients not merely survived, but were breathing on their own by the time they were carried out of the woods. I was marshalling one of the Chirurgeon teams in the woods, and am amazed to this day at how fast, and how often, she could run between the two patients, and still not look anything but dignified and calm.

It does not seem possible that very soon we may not have Rannveigr to fall back on. It hasn't been Pennsic without her these last few years, and the thought of losing her forever is simply impossible to conceive. She has saved so many other lives over the years, surely she can somehow manage to save her own.

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I am still rather amazed and extremely grateful to the members of the SCA barony I call home. We had a totally mundane plumbing problem - an apparently broken water pipe in the line from the well to the house. The plumber who had come out and diagnosed the problem had given us an estimate of what it would take to fix it, which was potentially several thousand dollars. They would have to bring in an excavator, at $500 just to get it here, then $100/hour per person on the crew to dig down, find the break, and repair it. Quite frankly, we can't afford that kind of money - I'm still paying the medical bills from Pennsic, and haven't gotten our deductible back from the auto accident back yet either.

Since the water was bubbling up near the well-head, the break had to be near there. I was planning on spending Saturday digging by hand to get down to the pipe, then either repairing it myself or getting the plumbers back to make the actual repair. I figure I am capable of fixing a broken pipe, especially since I was guessing that the pipe was rusted galvanized steel, since it had been in place at least 26 years, and probably much longer than that. Both my wife and my protogee Fiadnata were determined that I was not going to dig it alone. My wife had memories of her grndfather dying of a heart attack while digging to repair a well, and Fiadnata had ridden in the ambulance with me to the hospital when I had the cardiac incident at Pennsic. Together they brow-beat me into agreeing to post a request to the baronial email list asking for help in digging the hole. When I was slow writting such a request (it is a hard thing to phrase, after all) Fiadnata posted the request for me. We had a couple people respond that they would come help, and might be able to bring another person or two as well. Just in case, as pizza etc had been promised to anyone who helped, I had bought some Guinness and soft drinks for anyone who showed up.
When I woke up Saturday morning and saw it has snowed, and was a cold and wet day, I figured I would be luck if two people showed up.

Saturday morning I had taken my shovel and some other tools to the site, in the far corner of my property, about as far from the house as it is possible to go and still be on the 4 acres I own. I was waiting for Fiadnata to show up, as I knew she would even if no one else did. Of course, she couldn't have done much digging, but was going to keep me company to allow Folly to stay inside, as Folly refused to let me dig unless there was someone there who could call 911 if needed. I didn't want Folly to try and accompany me, as there is no good way of getting her wheelchair to the well. The first gentle who showed up to help was a new member of the Barony who I had never even met before, Erik, who had joined the SCA in Dearnehelde and moved to Flaming Gryphon after he graduated in June. Together, we walked down to the well and I started digging, as I only had one shovel. I got a hole at most 2 foot square by 18 inches deep when we were hailed by new arrivals. Sir Kyppyn, the Baron of Flaming Gryphon, and about 7 others had arrived, bringing with them numerous shovels and perhaps most importantly Lord Orn.

I had not known it, but Orn in mundane life is a plumber. He rapidly took over the direction of the work, expanding the area I was digging, and aided by the crew of volunteers that rapidly reached 25 had the pipe exposed, and the problem exposed as a break in a plastic fitting connecting the underground pipe and the well casing itself.
The digging took about 45 minutes, and it took a few minutes more for Orn to successfully remove the remains of the plasting fitting from the brass fitting on the side of the casing. Since the plastic had broken off and couldn't be unscrewed from the brass fitting, I would have, as several people suggested to Orn, just removed the brass fitting instead of trying to remove the plastic remains in place. I am extremely lucky Orn was there, as if he wasn't there that is I am absolutely sure what I would have attempted to do. Had I done so, I would have dropped the pump into the well causing probably thousands of dollars of damage to the pump and well.

The longest part of the entire process was not digging down to the pipe, as I had anticipated, but getting the parts necessary to repair it. Sir Ustad drove me to the stores, as my car was parked in by at least 7 other cars. Stores, as the first and closest hardware store did not have the proper sized fittings. The second store had all the proper fittings we needed, but did not have the right size of plstic pipe to replace the section that had to be cut away to get the broken fitting out. The third hardware store had the pipe needed, and we returned to find that Folly, upon hearing how many gentles had showed up to help, had managed to get to the site with Fiadnata's help to thank them.

It took about 25 minutes after the parts got there to complete the repairs, turn the pump back on to find and fix any minor leaks, and fill in the excavated dirt. Several people left before I was able to thank them for their help or even get their names in some cases.
I am extremely indebted to all those who showed up to help, and to those who called for directions or to assure it was still happening and were told not to come, that we had more than enough hands to get the job done.

I can not thank the following individuals enough, as well as those I am forgetting or whose names I do not know for coming to our assistance:
Doyle McPhereson (Gilcrest)
Rolger Hamilka
Sir Ustad & his lady Rowen
Guillaume deVosges
Alreke Eiriksson
Jeffrey Glasgow
Kyle of Flaming Gryphon
Alex Beharry
Baron Sir Kyppyn
Sir Cadogen
Arthur Bear
Tim the Just
and most especially
Lord Orn Askelson

I also should thank Wendy Kimmel and family, and Fiadnata & Phil for letting Folly shower at their homes in the week our water was out. (I was able to get showers at work, but that option was not available to Folly.)

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I took the car in today to be repaired. The initial estimate was for it to be ready either Friday or Monday, but when I dropped it off they said it would be ready Tuesday. Not sure why the difference, but ok, Tuesday only means I'm stuck in a rental one day more. The rental they gave me is a 2010 Chevy Malibu, loaded. It doesn't have heated seats, but seems to have pretty much every other feature under the sun you could think to pile on a car. It was one of the cars I had initially been looking for, when we got the HHR in fact.
I'm glad we got the HHR. Maybe when I figure out the power seats etc in the Malibu, I will feel more comfortable in it, but as it is I have discovered that, for me, the comfortable driving position means that when I turn my head to see to the back left, the door pillar and head-reast combine to block a lot of my view. Not good. It's only a week, right?
Wrong! The body shop called me today - once they got into it, they discovered more damage that they hadn't seen in the estimate. A little over $1000 more damage, in fact. They are having to straighten both the left and right rails in back. As I understand it, since modern cars don't actually have "frames", the rails supply much the same function. It will take several days longer than originally thought. I am afraid that the car won't be the same afterwards, because can they ever completely get the "rails" straight?
The value of the car is decreased, because it will forever show up in "CARFAX" as having had a wreck, making trade-in much lower. I hope we can nail the drunk who caused it - jail time, ideally. I'm still having to take (for me) massive doses of Ibuprofen, given how my neck and back are feeling, which definitely doesn't make me feel inclined to mercy.

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I got a copy of the police report - the idiot who caused it actually has insurance. He also had most of a bottle of canadian whiskey inside him when he was arrested at his home, where he went immediately after hitting the car behind me at the stop light, pushing that car into my car. He left his front license plate at the scene, so even if a good-sam witness hadn't followed him, while talking to the 911 dispatchers on his cell phone, the police weren't going to have any trouble finding him.
He was arrested, charged with DUI, leaving the scene of an injury accident, speeding,failure to maintain assured clear distance, and reckless driving. The fact that he already had a warrant out for him from Dayton is just icing on the cake. The owner of the van, (his wife) has stated that she didn't know he took it, but I doubt she will file theft charges against him over his taking her car.
The body shop estimates the damage to my car at $2,790.39, and my car had the least damage of the three involved. I would not be surprised if the ambulance ride and hospital visit added at least as much again to the bill, and it's possible the middle car, also a 2009 HHR, will have to be totaled. I'm glad he had insurance - any one want to bet if it will be canceled over this accident?
My car will take a week to repair, so add in the cost of the rental car for that time to his bill as well. I drop it off Monday morning on the way to work - they are supposed to have a rental car waiting for me there. No idea what kind of car it will be however - I just hope very much that it has cruise control and a decent sound system/CD player.

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Three weeks ago, we got a new car - a 2009 Chevy HHR.
Today, on the way to Red Dragon, we got rear ended in the new car. It still had the temporary tags. We hadn't even gotten the license platesfor it when it was damaged. The first maintenace we will have to do on it isn't an oil change - it's replacing the rear bumper and hatch.

I also got my second ride in an ambulance this year, as a patient. I was leaning forward somewhat, looking the rhe left, when we got hit. As a result, I hurt my neck somewhat. I was pretty sure at the scene that it was just muscular - no cervical involvement. Still, I have the grand-daddy of all stiff necks right now, and the pain killers they gave me aren't really doing it. It actually hurts worse right now than it did at the time.

I'm very bummed. Given that one of the reasons I had wanted to go to the Red Dragon event was because I had missed the Midrealm 40 year last weekend because my left eye was infected. I had gotten wind of a couple rumors about my health, and wanted to prove them wrong by showing up at Red Dragon and fighting. Instead, I end up in the ER, and have to phone Finnseach and the rest of the household and tell them I won't be there.


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It truly was a busy day. Rowan and Ustad are now married, all nice and legal. The ceremony was held in Germantown, outside in a nice parklike area next to the church that was the backup site for bad weather. Weather was beautiful (as was the bride, of course). I don't know it the park was actually owned by the church ot not, but I suspect it was given a comment made by one of the ministers to Baron Nico and I as we played on the 'high-tech' teeter-totter while waitingfor things to begin. (High-tech, because instead of a board over a pivot, with seats at either end, it had a pair of seemingly massive, if concealed, springs next to the pivot, plus a pair of seats at each end instead of a single seat, which allowed people of majorly different weights to teeter-totter on it, without the lighter person ending up held in the air and the heavier on on the ground.) Basically the minister said if we broke it, we bought it. They also had a large climbing structure, with slides, rope walks up steep slopes, tire walks, and all kinds of other majorly fun things to do. Of course, it was all sized for 1st graders rather than adults, but a few of the adults (Notable Baron Nico and a double peer who will remain nameless, because I don't want to admit I did it in this post) managed to have fun on it as well, without damaging our suits, I might add.

After the ceremony, they had a reception under the picnic shelter, and I got to talk to numerous SCA people in a completely non-SCA setting.
I also got to talk to some non-sca friends and relatives, noe of whome actually came right out and said I was insane, even if they may have thought it. I got a chance to talk to Finnseach and Fiadnata for quite a while, and to Nico and Soffya as well. I didn't get to talk to Rowan or Usted for very long, but given that they were the Bride and Groom, I probably got to talk to them at least as long as I had any right to expect.

Folly was supposed to be playing music for the wedding, but she was far too sick to go, so I went to the Wedding with Fiadnata/Carol. (Phil couldn't go to the wedding because FinTan was playing at the Ohio Ren-Faire all weekend. After the wedding, we stopped at Pillaged Village so I could buy a longer chain for the pelican medalion I was giving to Konrad at his elevation, at Harvest Days. The Harvest Day site is a little over an hour north of my house, and the wedding was about 15 minutes south. Pillaged village was maybe 10 minutes out of the way from the church to my house, but on the way to Carols where we had to stop to pick up something she had forgotten for the event. We picked up Carol's hat, then headed to my house where I changed out of ny suit and into garb. Due to an oversight, the garb I had planned on wearing was not clean, so I had to grab another set. Folly, having slept all day was feeling somewhat better, so she decided as we were getting ready to leave that she wanted to go as well. This took a few minutes, loading her wheelchair into Carol's car, and unloading Carol's spinning wheel to leave here because it wouldn't fit with three in the car. At this point, Carol discovered that while she had picked up he forgotten hat, at the same time she had forgotten her belt at her house. We detoured back to her house (15 minutes south of my house) to get the belt, then hit the road to go to the event (1 hour+ North of my house).

By the time we got to the site, Konrad's vigil was over, feast was being served, and the pavilions we had lent (and Carol had driven up Friday night) had been taken down and folded. Unfortunately, the people who folded them didn't know how to do so, so Carol's pavilion had to be unfolded, turned right side out, then refolded correctly to fit into the storage bag for it. Mu pavilion, since it will be used again in 2 weeks for sheep-to-shawl we just left as it was folded, both because it wasn't as mangled as Carol's (It's an easier pavilion to set up and take down than Carol's) and because it wouldn't be in storage until next Pennsic like Phil and Carol's pavilion. (I really like my Panther Pavilion - very versatile and easy to use, unlike their Tentmaster pavilion that is a pain to set up and take down, and basically is used only for Pennsic. This was the first time Carol could remember it being used for any other event.) We packed up the pavilions, tables, etc from the vigil and starpped them all down to the trailer, then I managed to find the various people I had to let know I was actually there. If I hadn't shown up, Elena de Vixen would have begged the boon, but they wouldn't have had a medalion for him.

Folly spent the time from when we got to site until court resting, either in the car or in Mariassa's camp, once we found Mariassa. Konrad's elevation was the last order of business, and when he was proclaimed as a member of the pelicanate, he got far and away the loudest cheers of any of the 3 peerages at the court. Giles was given a Laurel for his cheesemaking and cooking, and Gwynneth was given a Pelican.

We had to leave very soon after court ended, as it was almost 10PM, and neither Carol nor Folly had eaten dinner yet. Not a good thing for two diabetics, 1 still sick and both having had majorly emotional days. Between Rowan's wedding and Konrad's elevation, it was a good day. I wish we had been able to get to the event sooner, or that both things hadn't been the same day, but it was still a very good day.

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I want to assure my friends that I am alive and healthy, having survived my 35th Pennsic war this year. I was removed from site by ambulance on battle Monday due to chest pains, shortness of breath, and diaphoresis on exertion. The initial ekg when EMS arrived on scene showed a bundle branch block. However, the arrhythmia resolved on it's own, with no more medication than a single aspirin (actually, 4 81mg children's aspirin, instead of 1 325mg adult aspirin). It showed on the first EKG taken when I reached the hospital, but I was in normal sinus rythm by the time they got me hooked up to the fixed monitors in the ER. I stayed in the hospital about 36 hours, during which time they ran a variety of tests including a nuclear stress test and a cardiac echogram. All tests came back showing I have a very healthy heart - no signs of heart disease except for the transient bundle branch block. I was discharged from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, unfortunately too late for the Midrealm Laurel meeting.
My Lady wife, who had not been at Pennsic, arrived at Pennsic Monday evening, due to the good graces of Greta Mitchell and Lady Fiadnata. Greta, the mother of Lady Arlette de Couer, drove Folly almost half way to Pennsic, where they meet Fiadnata who was driving back from Pennsic to get her. Fiadnata helped Folly get through troll at Pennsic, got her stuff unloaded at camp, then drove her to the hospital to see me. By the time they got there, I had the results of the blood work and echo-cardiogram and knew I hadn't had a true heart attack. In fact, the doctors were just awaiting the results of the stress test the next day before deciding to release me.
I am extremely grateful to the people of Pennsic disability services who were able to transport Folly from camp, half way down Runestone hill, to the Pillaged Village merchant booth every morning she was at Pennsic, and bring her backeach night. I cannot thank Lady Arlette, of the Pillaged Village enough for letting Folly leave her wheel chair in PV, as trying to push her up the hill in it, and perhaps worse safely get her back down it, would have been impossible for me.
I was well enough that I was able to marshal at a resurrection point in the woods battle on Thursday, and had not certain well meaning but misguided individuals hidden certain essential parts of my armor I could have fought on Friday. That is, I could have fought had I been able to convince Folly that it was safe. The doctor had okayed it, but My Wife is far harder to convince. Since she said I wasn't fighting any more this Pennsic, I didn't get to fight in any of the war point battles. I was also 'respectfully retired' from my staff positions as Deputy War Chirurgeon and as an A&S deputy. When I attempted to volunteer at Troll, I was told that they had more than enough volunteers and to go away, they didn't need me, and that Frog (the autocrat) had said I wasn't to be allowed to work the rest of Pennsic.
I was allowed to teach my Papal Chess class at least, even if itdid have to be rescheduled from it's original time. It still had a good turn-out, and people seemed to enjoy playing it. In fact, I saw it being played later in the games tent by someone from the class, against an opponent who hadn't been there. I got more gaming in this Pennsic than I have for quite a while, probably because I wasn't working or fighting the second week. I also got to see Moonwolf's concert, the Pennsic choir, and Much Ado About Nothing performed by the Known World Players, as well as several classes and a bunch of Bardic Circles.
It was kind of strange, being at a bardic circle and hearing a bard, unknown to me, tell a story of the first Pennsic at Cooper's Lake. It was the story of my defense of Prince Merowald from the Western Dukes. He told it funnier than I could and didn't have the details completely correct, but he got it mostly right. When he was done, and I introduced myself, he was very surprised and had a ton of questions about the early days of Pennsic and the SCA. I said above this was my 35th Pennsic - my first was Pennsic 3, but I did miss one in the early teens because I didn't check myself out of the hospital just for Pennsic. Duke Finnvarre maintains his record of having fought in every mass war point battle, and Baron Foschadh is close behind, having fought or marshalled every one as well.
I should probably mention anothe high point of the war - at Midrealm Court Thursday night, my apprentice, Konrad Maillander, was put on vigil for the Pelican. He coninues my string - none of my dependents have ever been elevaed in the peeage they were affiliated withme for. My squire got the Laurel, my apprentices get the Pelican. My protegees had better learn to fight heavy, or they may never get peerages. :)

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